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Tooth Extraction
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Tools that are used for pulling teeth at Granite View Dental in Chino Valley, AZMany patients coming to our office ask if they should get their tooth removed when it is aching or painful. We, however, tell them that unless we inspect the tooth, we may not be able to tell if extraction is necessary. There are, however, obvious situations that show a tooth has to be removed. For example, if the tooth is badly decayed, loose, and not stable to be able to function properly. In this, we can pull it out and then recommend a tooth replacement procedure like dentures or dental implants. Talk to our team at Granite View Dental if you have painful teeth, or impacted teeth that are posing threats to your gum health or the health of other teeth. Our dentist will examine your mouth to establish if extraction is needed.

When Do You Require an Extraction?

An extraction is an option if a tooth cannot be repaired with a procedure like crowning, veneers, fillings, inlays, or onlays. Damaged teeth have different treatment options. Only a dentist is able to tell which treatment is appropriate. You may also opt for extraction if the cost of restoring your tooth seems too great. If, for instance, you cannot fund a root canal procedure to save a tooth, you can have a tooth extraction. Later on, when you are able to finance your dental procedure, you can have a tooth replacement done. Another reason you remove a tooth is when you have wisdom teeth that are impacted.

What is an Extraction Like?

We understand that many patients are intimidated by being told that they have to undergo an extraction. Tooth removal is a process that many people grow up worrying about because they think it is a scary and painful experience. However, extractions are completely gentle and quick, and comfortable. Sedation dentistry comes in handy when it comes to extracting teeth. A patient, after being sedated or receiving a dose of anesthetic, remains relaxed and comfortable while a dentist works on the tooth. By the time a tooth is removed, a patient will not even know.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

Basically, dentists use two methods of tooth extraction. The first one is a simple extraction. A dentist will opt to use a simple extraction technique if a tooth is easily accessible, for instance, if a tooth is visible or growing straight. A dentist works to loosen the tooth before using forceps to get it out of the gums. Gauze is used to prevent bleeding. The second technique is more intensive and requires surgery to access a tooth. A dentist cuts open or tears open the gums so as to reach the tooth that is hidden beneath the gums. Surgical extractions are a choice when a tooth is not visible. It may be impacted or broken down, making all the visible parts of the crowns disintegrate and fall out. When the dentist reaches the tooth, it is pulled and removed. The wound is stitched to allow proper healing, if necessary. Gauze is also used to avert bleeding. You will be provided with aftercare tips to follow to ensure a fast healing process.

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