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A mouth showing before and after whitening at Granite View Dental in Chino Valley, AZFor smokers, coffee drinkers, and people who love red wine, eliminating tooth stains can seem like an impossible task. Yet advertising content lures us with amazing transformational images of teeth going from dark or yellow to sparkling white. With so many whitening products you can find in stores, you may be tempted to try them out. However, you should be cautious because you may not be impressed with the results. They tend to be inconsistent and can even harm your gums or teeth if you use them improperly. That is why at Granite View Dental, we advise you to visit our team to discuss professional in-office whitening or an alternative dental service.

Types of Professional Whitening

When it comes to professional whitening procedures, people can choose between in-office whitening, also referred to as chairside teeth bleaching, and take-home whitening trays. While both of these procedures involve the application of peroxide-based bleaching agents, there is a difference in their concentrations. In-office systems have higher percentages of hydrogen peroxide than the take-home whitening gels.

In-Office Bleaching

Our dentist uses a cheek retractor that is inserted in the mouth. This piece helps expose the teeth, usually the ones that are visible while smiling. The rubber dam helps prevent any irritation that may arise when the bleaching gel comes in contact with your gums. It, therefore, provides a shield to gums from the whitening gel.

The dentist applies the bleaching gel to the teeth. The gel is allowed to stay there for several minutes. After about 15 minutes, the dentist washes off or suctions the bleaching gel. At this time, it has done its work of whitening the teeth. The dentist checks the progress. Another gel is applied to further whiten the teeth. Our dentist repeats the same procedure several times until your teeth are to your desired shade of brightness.

Some teeth whitening treatments may use special intense light. The light helps activate the bleaching gel. Once done with the whitening, the dentist takes away the retractors. You will now have teeth that are whiter by two or more shades than before. You can have your teeth whitened to as many as six or even eight shades.

Often, the whitening may be affected by dehydration. This makes your teeth look whiter than their real new shade. However, the whiteness will adjust after a few days. So the real, new color will emerge thereafter. In case the level of whitening after several days is not desirable, you can come back for a follow-up. We can schedule you for another whitening appointment at a later date.

Take-Home Whitening Trays

If you opt to whiten at home, we supply you with whitening trays. We fabricate the trays in a lab. Our dentist obtains teeth molds to use when making the bleaching trays. We also give you the bleaching gel. Usually, the gel is a little lighter in the concentration of hydrogen peroxide compared to the in-office bleaching gel. You use the trays for approximately a week.

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Find out more about the options we have for teeth whitening at Granite View Dental in Chino Valley, AZ. Contact us today to set up a consultation.
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