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An Illustration of a human skull showing  area of pain caused by TMJPeople who suffer from TMD often complain of consistent headaches or migraines. They struggle with sleep disorders and have pain within the jaw area. The temporomandibular joint disorder is a condition that is mostly misunderstood by patients. Our dentist at Granite View Dental has the training and experience to address various TMD symptoms, helping relieve pain and reclaim back the function of your bite.

What is TMD/TMJ?

The way your teeth or bite touches is technically referred to as occlusion. When there is an issue with the bite touching, it may be termed malocclusion. Your teeth should touch evenly when chewing. Any irregular bite leads to undue stress within the jaw joints as well as the muscles. As such, you may have pain, soreness, and other complications with the jaw joint. When this happens, it is commonly referred to as TMJ disorder or TMD.

Symptoms of TMD/TMJ

People with TMD often show various kinds of symptoms with the common one being pain. You may have pain in muscles within and around the jaw. Popping and clicking sounds are also common and they usually occur while chewing and moving the jaw. Besides, you may have pain within the front region of the ear that may radiate to affect other areas such as the temple and cheek. Additionally, you may experience an earache, feeling as though the ears are blocked, and a buzzing sound in the ears. A locked or tight jaw is also another symptom you may see with a person suffering from TMJ disorder.

Causes of TMD

Many things can cause TMD. Usually, issues with the jaw joint, facial nerves, and jaw muscles can trigger TMD. For example, a misalignment of the jaw arising from worn-out teeth or missing teeth can lead to TMJ disorder. The disorder may also be attributed to stress, clenching and grinding, lost or missing teeth, as well as jaw and tooth misalignment.

TMJ Headaches

Headaches are common symptoms of TMJ. The pressure exerted on the trigeminal nerve alongside jaw misalignment can both contribute to painful headaches that feel like migraine. If you have headaches and you are unable to pinpoint the cause, it could be due to temporomandibular disorder.

How Does Our Dentist Help with TMD?

We can provide oral appliances like a mouth guard to give protection to the teeth surfaces from the impact of grinding and clenching. Other causes that affect your bite may require corrective dental treatment. For instance, we can replace missing and damaged fillings, crowns, or dental implants. We also provide treatment to improve the balance of your bite. We do this by providing teeth and jaw alignment treatment to help balance the surfaces of teeth.

How to Deal with TMJ as You Prepare to See a Dentist

There are things that you can do as you wait to meet our dentist for evaluation. Until your appointment, consider eating soft foods that do not need heavy chewing to help minimize pain. Try to avoid the foods that demand biting with the teeth in front. Also, ensure you chew food on both sides to avoid exerting stress on one side.

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