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Sports Guard

A  Green mouth guard for sportsPeople love sports because they help keep the body and mind fit. Sports make up a good part of leisure activities and help improve our wellbeing. However, sporting activities, which can lead to collisions or contact with other players may lead to dental injuries. You may suffer knocked-out teeth, fractured teeth, or torn lips and gums. The team at Granite View Dental recommends that you have mouth guards in your mouth whenever you play contact and non-contact sports likely to cause injury to the mouth, head, or skull.

Different Kinds of Sports Mouth Guards

Mouth guards for sports come in different types. A stock mouth guard is considered the cheapest; however, it is not made to fit your specific mouth. A stock mouth guard is sold in sporting goods stores and pharmacies. It is less effective at protecting the mouth.

A boil-and-bite mouth guard is much better than stock, however, it does not provide custom-fit. The boil-and-bite mouth guard is first put in hot water and placed in the mouth where it forms to fit the mouth.

A custom-designed mouth guard is a preferred choice. We advocate for custom-fitted mouth guards for sports because they offer unmatchable protection. They fit in your mouth properly and are comfortable.

Our dental office fabricates customized mouth guards to use during your sports activities. Wearing a mouth guard ensures protection against injuries such as knocked-out teeth or broken teeth. It also ensures the protection of the jaw joint.

How Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards Work

An accidental collision or contact in sports can cause a direct impact on the head and face. The force may travel through the jaw, teeth, and even part of the skull. Also, impacts to the lower part of the jaw can result in the jaw slamming together and damage to the arches of teeth. Customized mouth guards absorb and spread the impact of a blow to the head or face. As a result, it lessens the force that is applied to the jaw, teeth, and skull. Made of a rubbery material, sports mouth guards also serve as a buffer or shield between the lower and upper teeth.

Caring for Your Sports Mouth Guard

Once you get your sports mouth guard from our dental office, you need to care for it. If you want the piece to last, you need to protect it from damage and ensure you clean it. Since a mouth guard stays for many hours in the mouth, it tends to accumulate bacteria and plaque or even food leftovers. When you remove it after sporting activities, you have to rinse it to eliminate the debris. You should wash it with cool, soapy water to clear bacteria from the surfaces.

Consider brushing your mouth guard with a toothbrush and toothpaste to eradicate bacteria plaque lodged in the surfaces. Store the piece in a sturdy container when not in use. Make sure you check for signs of wear so that you replace it in time before the next sports season arrives. Because the jaws of children are growing and there are changes to their teeth, they need to have their mouth guards replaced frequently to ensure a good fit.

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