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Root Canals
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A cross section cutaway of a tooth showing the roots at Granite View Dental in Chino Valley, AZAfter experiencing severe pain, a dentist may suggest that you undergo a root canal treatment. Damage to the innermost region of a tooth known as the pulp chambers can cause pain. The pulp may be injured, infected, damaged, or inflamed. Our dentist at Granite View Dental examines the tooth to see if root canal therapy is the best solution. When you do not get a root canal, you could experience worse complications.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is an endodontic treatment that treats the inside area of a tooth. Inside the tooth, you find the dentin, which is just under the white enamel. This hard layer known as dentin is followed by a soft tissue referred to as the pulp. Root canal treatment focuses on the pulp tissue. In the pulp, you find blood vessels, nerve endings, and connective tissue, all of which create living tissue. The pulp tissue helps make the surrounding hard tissues during the development of a tooth. When there is damage or infection to the pulp tissue, it may necessitate a root canal treatment.

Root Canal Procedure

A dentist schedules a consultation to conduct a dental exam that helps unearth the nature and extent of the infection, injury, or damage to the tooth. X-rays are taken to aid with the exam. The x-ray imaging shows the entire oral structure and can help spot the problem area.

Additionally, the dentist does a physical exam to look for visual signs and symptoms associated with root canal damage or infection. We begin the treatment by administering a numbing agent to keep you comfortable as we perform the root canal treatment. A dental dam is placed around the tooth that is being operated on to isolate and protect it from things like debris, bacteria, or plaque residue.

The dentist opens and cleans the tooth in question. By making a small incision to the dental crown, the dentist is able to access internal dental components of the tooth including the pulp region. Once inside the infected or damaged pulp area, our dentist uses a root canal file to help clean out the dead or damaged pulp. We have to make sure that all the affected tissue is removed. We then clean the space or the hole to prepare it for a filling.

After the space is cleaned, our dentist uses a rubber-like filling material to seal the canal. You may receive a temporary crown that helps protect the filling as you wait to come back for the final crowning of the tooth.

Root Canal Aftercare Tips

Our dentist will issue aftercare tips that you observe when at home following the treatment. You need to protect the area until you have recovered fully. Therefore, ensure you brush and floss normally. Use mouthwash to reduce bacteria and avoid applying pressure on the area through chewing or biting. Attend all follow-up appointments our dentist schedules for you in order to allow checkups and monitoring of the progress.

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Talk to our team at Granite View Dental in Chino Valley, AZ to find out about root canals and what necessitates them. Call today to book an appointment.
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