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Preventative Dentistry

A woman getting a dental examDental checkups and exams present an important way of determining if there are oral issues that require attention. You may be observing your daily oral hygiene properly, but even with the best brushers, bacterial plaque and tartar are inevitable. They continue to form and can lead to an oral health issue that needs diagnosis and treatment. Some oral problems cannot be spotted with the naked eye, that is why our team at Granite View Dental uses x-rays after doing a visible exam to see the invisible parts and determine if there are problem areas to address.

Prepping for a Dental Exam

Get all the information that the dentist needs including past dental procedures and treatments, present medications you are using, and allergies you could have. Also, list the dental signs and symptoms you have been experiencing lately and how they have changed over time. Do not forget to cleanse your mouth prior to the exam because our dentist wants to see how you do your at-home daily oral hygiene.

Exams and Checkups

Our dentist begins by getting your dental history. The dentist wants to know your current medication and if you are pregnant or have diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis. We clean the mouth to remove tartar and plaque accumulated under and above the gum line. We also floss the areas between and around the teeth to ensure all food particles and plaque lingering in those spaces are removed. Our dentist gives your teeth a new, smooth, shiny finish. With a tooth polisher featuring a spinning head, along with abrasive paste, we obtain a fine finish. This ensures that plaque will not build up easily between now and your next exam appointment.

Our dentist also examines your mouth to see if the teeth and gums have issues. We look at problem areas such as decay and gum inflammation. With a metal probe and angled mirror, our dentist checks the areas behind and between the teeth and gums. We check for redness, sores, and swelling of the gums. Additionally, we measure the gum pocket depth to see if it is within the safe range. Anything beyond three millimeters could indicate gum disease.

Moreover, we conduct x-rays that provide further details of the condition of the mouth. X-rays are crucial for examining parts that are not visible. When our dentist wants to check the inside of a tooth or the pulp chambers, the root areas hidden below the gums, and the jawbone, an x-ray is performed.

Our dentist uses the x-ray images to determine if there is bone loss, fracture, and other abnormalities below the gum line. The dentist will then proceed to check for jaw alignment, teeth grinding, and oral cancer.

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