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Night Guards

A dentist holding a mouth guardBruxism, which refers to teeth grinding or jaw clenching, is a bad habit. It can impact your dentition negatively. If you clench or grind when angry, stressed, or sleeping, you may cause damage to your teeth and cause other bite problems. Our dentist at Granite View Dental will work with you in order to help break the habit of grinding or clenching. We may also repair the teeth to enhance their functionality and appearance. To stop the damage, we fabricate custom night guards for you.

How Bruxism Affects Oral Health

If you have a habit of grinding and clenching, you may not realize the way this habit is negatively impacting your oral health. The excess pressure or stress you put on the teeth tends to wear their structure down. The pressure can also trigger a tooth fracture and cause temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). Bruxism may cause oral health problems as well as general health problems such as sore muscles, chronic headaches, hearing loss, TMJ symptoms, and changes in facial look.

Breakign the Habit

We recommend that you perform jaw relaxation exercises before bed and eliminate or cut back caffeine from the diet. You should also avoid alcohol and stop the habit of chewing on things other than food. In addition to these tips, if you your grind teeth, we can design a customized night guard for you.

How Do Night Guards Work?

Wearing night guards helps prevent the teeth surfaces from directly getting in contact with each other while grinding or clenching. As such, you are able to ease the pressure that goes into the teeth. This way, you prevent damage to the teeth. When you visit us with grinding and clenching problems, we will make you a custom-fitted mouth guards. Our dentist creates these mouth guards from thermoplastic material. The piece is fabricated based on the details we get from the mold of your teeth that we take. Night guards are created differently than sports mouth guards. Therefore, you should not confuse them or think that you can use the sports mouth guards to serve as your night-time guard. The two serve different purposes and when you substitute their use, you may be doing a disservice to your oral health.

Benefits of Night Guards

Using a night guard helps you prevent the damage arising from teeth grinding and clenching. It prevents your teeth from getting eroded. A night guard prevents the chipping, cracking, or wearing down of the teeth from the pressure created by the action of grinding and clenching of your teeth. Additionally, wearing night guards helps protect your dental or cosmetic work. If you have restorations such as dental fillings, dental crowns, dental veneers, or dental sealants, they can be damaged by teeth grinding. A night guard offers protection for these dental works.

Besides, a night guard eases discomfort. It reduces headaches and pain that come with teeth grinding. The night guard we fabricate for you can also help treat TMJ. Jaw clenching and grinding may lead to TMD, which is quite painful. If your jaw hurts and you have headaches in the morning, we encourage you to have a mouth guard made from our dental office.

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Do not let grinding and clenching ruin your teeth and make you uncomfortable with pain. Visit us at Granite View Dental to get a custom-made mouth guard. Call us at (928) 589-1776 to book an appointment.

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Our dentist at Granite View Dental will work with you in order to help break the habit of grinding or clenching. We may also repair the teeth to enhance their functionality and appearance.
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