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Complete and Partial Dentures

Dentures rinsing in a glassA life without teeth can be undesirable. Everyone admires having a beautiful, full arch of teeth. However, due to disease, trauma, decay, or extraction, your teeth may be entirely lost or you could have most of them lost. If you want a cheaper solution for replacing your teeth, dentures may work for you. Our team at Granite View Dental first evaluates your mouth and the teeth to see if dentures can provide solutions. If you are a candidate, we make the prostheses and fit them in the mouth.

Importance of Dentures

The most obvious benefit of having dentures is that they take the place of lost or missing teeth. As such, they improve your look and enhance your self-esteem. Also, dentures prevent the teeth that have been left from shifting and taking up the space left by missing or lost teeth. As such, dentures can prevent teeth misalignment from occurring because as the teeth shift, they become crooked or twist in position. Dentures also fill up the spaces where food debris could be trapped or could hide, causing a risk for gum disease and cavities or decay.

Partial and Full Dentures

Full dentures are suitable for people who have lost all of their teeth. Sometimes, when you have most of the teeth missing, and the remaining ones are not healthy enough, we can suggest removing them. In this case, you can have full dentures fabricated for you.

Partial dentures are intended for people who have several teeth missing. When fitting partial dentures, our dentist holds them with a plastic base. Usually, the base has the same shade as that of the gums. The base of the dentures is secured using a metal framework so that the prostheses do not slip off. If you do not require a whole set of artificial teeth, you can opt for partial dentures.

Will Dentures Make You Look Different?

When you replace missing teeth, it helps promote the appearance and health of your mouth. Full dentures replace your natural teeth, giving support to your lips and cheeks. When you lack this support, you may have sagging facial muscles that can make you appear older. You also find it difficult to speak and eat properly. Since dentures are fabricated to closely match the shade of your natural teeth, your appearance rarely changes. And modern dentures can even promote a good look for your smile.

Caring for Dentures

Ensure all the surfaces of the dentures are cleaned, including the areas that fit against the gums. Soaking the dentures in a denture-cleaning solution helps further ensure they are clean. It helps remove stubborn stains and plaque left after brushing with a denture cleaner. Soaking the dentures also helps disinfect them. If there is a build-up of plaque or stains, bring the dentures to our office for cleanup.

Visiting our office for regular cleanings and mouth inspection is crucial to make sure the dentures are in good shape and functioning properly. Our dentist can also catch any dental issues that could be sneaking in.

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Our team at Granite View Dental first evaluates your mouth and the teeth to see if dentures can provide solutions. If you are a candidate, we make the prostheses and fit them in the mouth.
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