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Dental Veneers

A diagram of a dental veneerPorcelain or resin veneers are thin shells that a dental professional uses to cover teeth to help enhance their size, shade, and shape. Porcelain dental veneers are a popular dental restoration at Granite View Dental. If your teeth are chipped, crooked, or discolored, and you want to improve their look, you can get veneers. The thin shells tend to blend in well with the surrounding teeth, ensuring a uniform look. While altering the shape, shade, and size of teeth, our dentist can also use the shells to prevent additional damage or harm to the teeth.

When to Get Veneers

Our dentist may consider veneers if you have teeth discolored due to the consumption of dark beverages like coffee, sodas, and tea. Your teeth may also stain from tobacco use and natural aging. Red wine also causes discoloration. Another reason to get veneers is when the teeth are worn down. Veneers can cover the blemishes. Teeth that are broken or chipped can be restored with veneers.

Misaligned, irregularly shaped, or uneven teeth can also benefit from a veneer. Our dentist can use these restorations to even out the size and length of teeth. Gaps between teeth, or diastema, are another reason to get veneers. They help close those spaces, which can help promote oral health. Remember that bacterial plaque and food leftovers can accumulate in those spaces.

Veneers Procedure

We start by prepping the tooth. The preparation of the tooth involves filing the surface or enamel down to get space for the veneer. This helps the shell to lay flat and conform to the gum tissue. Since you have to wait for the restoration to be ready, you will not go back with the prepped tooth uncovered. Once the preparation is done, our dentist secures a temporary veneer with dental glue. We then obtain a model of your tooth. We do this by recording an impression. With that model, we can now custom-fabricate your veneers.

The installation of the veneers comes after about a week. We will let you know when you should come for the placement of the veneers. When it is ready, we remove the temporary piece and attach the final veneer. We first use a water-based solution to attach. This allows us to make any adjustments needed. If convinced that all is fine with the design, we now cement the veneers on the teeth.

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Patients enjoy the look of their teeth after they receive veneers. Porcelain veneer installation is an excellent solution because the shells transform your smile to attain a perfect, beautiful look. Since veneers use natural teeth, there is no surgery required, so the recovery time is minimal. Also, because veneers match the other teeth, you attain a natural look. No one can tell if you have had cosmetic dentistry work done on your mouth. Your teeth look whiter and brighter because porcelain veneers are resistant to stains. As such, you can enjoy your coffee and other beverages, but remember your other teeth can be stained.

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Talk to us at Granite View Dental about receiving veneers. We can resolve many imperfections with these restorations, including stains and cracks or other damages. Call us at (928) 589-1776 to set up your appointment.

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Dental Veneers | Granite View Dental | Chino Valley, AZ
Dental veneers are a popular dental restoration at Granite View Dental. If your teeth are chipped, crooked, or discolored, and you want to improve their look, you can get veneers.
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