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Dental Bridge
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A woman smiling after getting a dental bridge at Granite View Dental in Chino Valley, AZDental bridges are a kind of fixed artificial tooth used as a replacement option for people with missing teeth. They are called dental bridges since they are meant to literally bridge the void left after one or more teeth are lost from trauma, decay, or tooth extraction. When you check in to our office, our team at Granite View Dental inspects your mouth to ascertain whether bridges are the right option.

How Dental Bridges Work

A dental bridge features different components that work together to serve as a replacement tooth. The prostheses use artificial teeth known as pontics that take the place of lost teeth. The pontics get support from the neighboring natural teeth known as abutments. These abutments are linked to the pontics by dental crowns that are fitted onto the natural teeth. Our dentist can replace more than a single tooth with dental bridges. Therefore, as the pontics increase, the abutments used also increase.

Types of Dental Bridges

The type of dental bridge you receive is classed based on its design. Traditional bridges have one or several pontics attached to crowns on both sides. The crowns are cemented onto the neighboring natural teeth. Traditional bridges are the most popular. Cantilever bridges, though similar to traditional bridges, have one exception. The pontic is secured to an abutment on one side and not both sides of the missing teeth. As such cantilever bridges tend to have unstable support.

Maryland bridges use support teeth or abutments from both sides of the artificial teeth. However, rather than using dental crowns, the artificial teeth are supported by porcelain or metal framework with wing-like extensions. The extensions are secured on the back side of the abutment teeth. These bridges also do not provide good support.

Implant-supported bridges are another type of dental bridge. As the name suggests, the bridges get support from implants instead of abutments. A dentist surgically inserts the implants into the jawbone within the areas of the lost or missing teeth. The implants are then capped with crowns.

Procedure for Dental Bridges

A dentist performs a dental bridge procedure under local anesthesia. Once you are numbed with an anesthetic, our dentist files down the abutment teeth to make adequate room for the bridge. Reducing the size of the support teeth allows the crowns to fit properly without creating pressure or pushing surrounding teeth.

After prepping the abutment teeth, we take molds or impressions of the areas where the bridge goes as well as the abutment teeth. It takes a week or so to have the bridge fabrication completed. In the meantime, we affix temporary bridges on your teeth. These short-term bridges protect the prepared or filed-down tooth. We book you for another appointment where we place the permanent prosthesis. Our dentist cements the final dental bridge using dental cement. Before cementing the prosthesis, we do any adjustments required to ensure proper fit.

In situations where the dental bridges are supported with dental implants, the procedure may take longer. Our dentist has to fit the implants first, and then install the bridges. The dental implants will have to integrate with the bone, which takes several months.

To learn more about bridges and whether you qualify to receive them, get in touch with our Granite View Dental team. Call us at (928) 589-1776 to request an appointment.

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